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Kari Jobe – “You Are For Me”

Artist: Kari Jobe

Song: “You Are For Me”

Notes: I feel like a lot of people need to hear this more often, and really take the words in. “You Are For Me” – So simple, but it’s so easy to lose sight of this fact. The creator of everything is for us….he molds our worlds in the palms of his hands and he’ll always take care of us. Enjoy and have a blessed week!

Elevation Worship – “The Church” Remix

Artist: Elevation Worship

Song: “The Church” Remix

Notes: Wow! People’s creativity astounds me when it comes to remixing music! Not only was this an already awesome song, but they made it even more awesome to listen to. I’m really pumped on this! Hope ya’ll dig it as well!

Kudos to my good friend Jonathan over at for showcasing this song!

The Glorious Unseen – “Close To Your Heart”

Artist: The Glorious Unseen

Song: “Close To Your Heart”

Notes: This is one of those songs that hits all of the major points for me: Ambient, Chilled out, Worship, Great Lyrics, check – check – check! I love The Glorious Unseen and anything they put out as a band. This song actually stayed on repeat at my desk and in my car for like 3 days. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

The Glorious Unseen - Close To Your Heart

Ascend The Hill – “The Love Of God”

Artist: Ascend The Hill

Song: “The Love Of God”

Notes: Good morning everyone! I hope you all have an amazing start to your week and I hope today’s song uplifts you!

Partial Lyrics:
“Could we with ink the ocean fill, And were the skies of parchment made, Were every stalk on earth a quill, And every man a scribe by trade; To write the love of God above Would drain the ocean dry; Nor could the scroll contain the whole, Though stretched from sky to sky.

As humans we will never be able to muster up enough elements in the earth to explain or demonstrate God’s love for us. He loves us past every drop of the ocean, past the far corners of the galaxy and past all of our circumstances – good and bad. Find peace throughout your work-week, school-week or whatever the week throws at you in God’s love.

Ascend The Hill - The Love Of God

Brandon Heath – “Give Me Your Eyes”

Artist: Brandon Heath

Song: “Give Me Your Eyes”

Notes: This song has totally shook me the past day or so. It makes me really think, what if we had God’s eyes towards the people that surround us for one second, one minute, hour or day. What if we got off our high-horses and stopped thinking we were better or too busy for everyone else, what if we simply slowed down to take a glance around us at everyone else’s needs? What would we do differently, would we reach out to help the people who need it, would we settle down and talk to that person who has no one, would we look past artificial personas and recognize the needs that are hiding underneath? I hope this song challenges you to try to look at the people around you with God’s eyes and take action where you can.

Brandon Heath - Give Me Your Eyes

Atmosphere and Experience are everything!

As a full time designer and creative director, a member of our churches creative team and an all around lover of good set/stage design I have realized that Atmosphere and Experience are EVERYTHING when it comes to engaging audience/congregation members to the fullest!

Atmosphere and Experience

* Images took from our friends at Church Stage Design Ideas

During our creative team meetings these 2 points are typically brought up and I fully agree: “We have 5 senses for a reason, we should try to engage all of them.” & “You can either take your wife to McDonalds or a nice candle lit restaurant, both are food – but the setting makes the experience.”….this is so true. I believe we respond differently and on a deeper level when the set design, lights and atmosphere are catered to include more of our senses.

I would highly recommend churches, worship bands and anyone who creates a live experience to look into engaging your audience/congregation on this level.

  • Church Stage Design Ideas (dot) com: Don’t know where to start in designing the look of your live setting? No worries, our friends at CSDI are where it’s at for all things set design inspiration and they keep their site chocked full of awesomeness!
  • Awaken Design Company: I’m excited to announce that we are going to start offering creative consulting and visual direction for set design in the near future! In addition we have always offered any kind of design that could be integrated into a church setting. Get in touch with us and we’d be excited to discuss the options!

Chris August – “Want To Be Real” & “Winter Time”

Artist: Chris August

Notes: Chris came onto the music scene with a blaze of awesomeness with his hit single 7×70….but he truly shines as a musician and vocalist with these two songs. I hope you all enjoy them as much as I do!

Song: “Want To Be Real”

Song: “Winter Time”

Kari Jobe – “Sweep Me Away”

Artist: Kari Jobe

Song: “Sweep Me Away”

Notes: “Sweep Me Away” is my favorite from Kari Jobe. Such an amazing and peaceful song that carries such an atmosphere of worship along with it! Enjoy!

The Ember Days – “Run To You”

Artist: The Ember Days

Song: “Run To You”

Notes: The Ember Days have really been hitting me lately with their music, this song has earned itself many repeats on my iTunes. This song is so easy to connect with as Christians who seek Christ on a personal level. I hope you all love it and find yourself in that special place with God while listening and worshiping to it! Enjoy!

View The Ember Days Online: | Facebook:

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Robbie Seay Band – “Song Of Hope”

Artist: Robbie Seay Band

Song: “Song Of Hope”

Notes: It’s Saturday, we’re all happy and cheery – so how about an upbeat song to match? Typically i’m more of a fan of mellow and really deep worship music, but “Song Of Hope” is easily one of my favorite upbeat worship/praise songs. Enjoy!

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