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Roy English – As We Grow Older (Unplugged Live)

Artist: Roy English/Canary Dynasty

Song: “As We Grow Older” (Unplugged Live)

Notes: I was a HUGE fan of Eye Alaska back when they were a band and was SO beyond bummed when they broke up. However, their lead vocalist is still making music and is doing a fine job at it….no surprise!

Boyce Avenue – “Just A Kiss” (Acoustic Cover)

Artist: Boyce Avenue

Song: “Just A Kiss” (Acoustic Cover)

Notes: This is one of my favorite duets as an original, so when the ever-awesome Boyce Avenue did a cover of it….I knew it was destined for greatness! Enjoy!

Boyce Avenue – “Somebody That I Used To Know” (Acoustic Cover)

Artist: Boyce Avenue

Song: “Somebody That I Used To Know” (Acoustic Cover)

Death Cab For Cutie – Brothers On A Hotel Bed (Live)

Artist: Death Cab For Cutie

Song: “Brothers On A Hotel Bed” Live in Studio

Iron and Wine – Boy With A Coin

Artist: Iron and Wine

Song: “Boy With A Coin”

Boyce Avenue – Faithfully (Journey Cover)

Artist: Boyce Avenue

Song: “Faithfully” – Journey Cover

Notes: One of my favorite old bands is Journey, and this song by them is incredible. Pair that with Boyce Avenue – it’s a recipe for amazing! Hope you all dig it!

The Album Leaf – Wet The Day

Artist: The Album Leaf

Song: Wet The Day

Notes: It’s rainy outside, lots of work going on here in the office and this song has brought so much peace and focus today. I had to share this one. So chill out, relax and enjoy the day :)

The Album Leaf – See In You

Artist: The Album Leaf

Song: See In You

Notes: I just heard this band for the first time the other day and i’m loving what i’m hearing! Hope you all enjoy!

Emery – “The Ponytail Parades” Acoustic

Artist: Emery

Song: “The Ponytail Parades” Acoustic

Notes: As I promised, here’s some more of the acoustic Emery material. This song is incredible as-is but it’s so well done and full of raw emotion as an acoustic arrangement. The build up from around 3:30 ’til 3:45 hits with such emotion….it blows me away every time I hear it! I hope you all love these songs as much as I do!

Have a happy Friday and great upcoming weekend!

Dead Poetic – “In Coma Acoustic”

Artist: Dead Poetic

Song: “In Coma” Acoustic

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